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Welcome to Players Player

Players player is small app that manages your players votes for man of the match or players player.

We have plenty of cool stuff planned for this app so stay tuned.

Just like Rate your Mate in the NRL Rookie, except no one gets voted off.

How It Works

1. Get your Team captain to sign up and create a team.

2. Once created, tell your team to sign up and join the team.

3. After each game get your captain to create a round.

4. Each player can then assign 3 - 2 - 1 points to players in there team.

5. At the end of the year, we have a presentation screen (for free), that you can review the year and celebrate.

cheers ruben

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Android and Apple apps now available in the app stores.

Cards have been added to the system.

Teams can now have awards as well as voting, set them up using the view teams area.

Enter your email address and password to login.

Forgotten your password ?

Enter your email address that you registered with below and we will send it over.

    Create a profile below, this can be used to join / create any team. You can also use a nick name so your profile will use that name instead when dealing with your team.

    * Required field.

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    * Means you assume the role of Team Captain. You will have to approve players and create rounds to vote against.

    To find a team start typing its name below, autocomplete will search a list of names for you.

    Depending on how your captain has setup the team you might need to be approved.

      Create a new team.

      This allows you to create a new team for your players to join, you will also be made the team captain but you can also nominate other players to take this role later on.

        Welcome Back Captain

        Since you're the boss you have a few more options.


        The prensentaion screen is here, and you can now opt in to show the votes to all your players.

        Both of these are located in your View Teams area located in the menu(top left).

        A little Older

        • You can now asisgn other people in your team to also be captains.
        • New round details like ground name, at home.
        • You can add goals per player, per round.
        • Match reports can be added for each round.
        • If a player marks themselves as out, they will not show up in you screen as not voted.
        • Match reports will show on the users screens when they log in.
        • We have just released player availability, your players can now select in/out for a round. As a Captain you can view this information by clicking the view round button.
        • Creating rounds can now be done in advance, just click Create a round and your away.

        Create a Round
        Gives you the power to create rounds for your team to vote on.

        Approve Players
        Before your team mates can vote or be voted on they must be approved, click the button below to approve your team members.

        View Rounds
        Lets you see the round details, including who has voted or not, and player availability.

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        These are the rounds that have been setup for your teams.

        • Round Details

        • Goals

        • Match Report

        • Players Voted

          • Players that haven't voted

            • In's and Out's

              In: , Out: ,Total:
            • Yellow Cards

              Add Yellow Card
              • Choose a Player
            • Red Cards

              Add Red Card
              • Choose a Player

            Choose a team to create a round for :

            To create a round for players to vote on simply enter the details below.

            You can partially fill out the form and enter the score and result later by clicking view round.

              • Optional Details

                These are all optional, to edit them after you create this round, go to view rounds.

              Tell your team to refresh and the new round will be available for voting.

              Choose a team below to view its details.

              Pending Players

                Team Setting

                This will appear on the home screen if checked, this updates automatically as soon as someone votes.

                Want to see the current leaderboard ?

                To see the current leaderboard click the button below, only captains have this option, no players will see the list by you viewing the leaderboard.


                Players can also choose the awards below when highlighted, each player selects the award then a player to nominate. This will show on the homescreens of each player.

                Presentation Screen

                When your year is all done and dusted you can use our presentation screen to view the results, vote by vote, round by round.

                The button below well take you to this link but here is a few tips to get the best out of your night.

                • Plug a laptop into your tv or projector and browse to
                • If you are using your laptop, make sure its plugged in and charging.
                • Disable the screen saver or power saving options.

                How it works ?

                • Once you have clicked on the button below it will take you to the presentation screen.
                • Select the Round Number you would like to start at.
                • The first round you selected will load on the screen.
                • Click play to start the votes.


                After you are finished for the year you can create the next season by adding a new one below.

                Last seasons data will become available from the menu, users will be able to see total points and total goals.

                When adding a new season, players are automatically rolled over and rounds are reset ready to go.

                The season marked with a Tick is your current active season, to change simply click on the season you wish to activate.

                Add New Season ?

                Approved Players

                Below are the players that have been approved for your team.

                To remove a player from your team click the X next to their name.

                Any player marked with this a team captain, to enable players as captains click on their name, to disable click on their name again.

                  Welcome Back

                  If you have rounds to vote on they will appear below. If you captain hasn't created one, then chase them up.

                  This screen will display any match reports, the top points(goals / tries) scorers of a game, and if your captain has enabled it the Overall top voted player.

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                  Latest Match Report

                  Choose a round below then click Vote on this Round.

                  No rounds have been added by your captain.

                  Do you think any players deserve any of the below awards?

                  Choose a player to award points to

                  Upcoming Rounds

                  New Rounds To Vote On

                  Latest Points LeaderBoard

                    You can set your status for up and coming rounds to help your captain set team.

                    Choose an available round then your status.

                    New Rounds

                    Upcoming Rounds

                    My Details

                    Name :
                    NickName :
                    Email :

                    Teams im part of

                      Teams im Captain of

                        Support Request

                        Having Issues? then just fill out the form below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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